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Creating a healthy YOU is more than just a set of numbers.  In this challenge, you will learn to use food to fuel your body!  It will guide you on how to eliminate the guilt and replace it with power to choose. You will take back the control that food has over you and change it to be a positive source in your life! To help you achieve all of this you will get:

  • Weekly emails that will set focuses for the week on how to change the mental barriers that challenge your view on food.
  • Tips and tools on how to get started with tracking and learning about macros.
  • A workbook to help you set goals, track your progress and journal your thoughts.
  • Custom macro count that will re-assessed through out the program. 
  • 2 week Sample Menu 
  • Recipe book that has breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks ideas listed in the menu
  • Group chat to share your daily wins, recipes and MORE!
  • Access to me any day for ALL questions

My goal is to get you to fall in love with exercise, not because you need to in order to look a certain way, but because of how it makes you feel!  I want you to feel stronger, mentally AND physically.  No one said you had to go to the gym for hours to transform your body!  Everything you can do in the comfort of your home.  How will you get the sweat dripping?

  • 2 phases that last 3 weeks, with the last week in each phase being a progression week (new exercises that build from the first 2 weeks).
  • 5 different workouts to complete throughout the week.
  • 25-30 minute workouts, including warm-up
  • A mix of strength and cardio to build and keep lean muscle mass while burning fat!
  • Access to my App that will have all your workouts and video demonstrations for all exercises
  • PDF Document for all workouts to go along with the videos
  • Modifications listed in the PDF for any fitness level

You will be part of a group that is full of empowering women cheering you on!  This might be the BEST part!  We are all in different places in our lives and that is what makes us unique.  We can learn from each other through positive motivation, while eliminating all the comparison.  You can achieve anything when you have people on your side! This all happens by...

  • Being part of a group chat that you can ask questions, post pictures and motivate!
  • Participating in weekly Live Video chats to get to know everyone and encourage each other through the program
  • Weekly check-ins to track your progress as an individual and as a group
  • See every ones check-ins for workouts so you can give encouragement along the way
  • Share recipes, great finds, macro tips, struggles and moments of inspiration ANYTIME!


“This program has taught me control. I CAN control how much I eat. I CAN control how much I exercise. Food doesn't control me anymore. Even though my diet is stricter I do not feel limited. I feel more free and have greater self control than ever before!”
“Elisabeth's level of care and commitment is unlike anything I could have found elsewhere. The workouts were challenging and FUN. I huge difference saw an overall fat loss and strength. I feel amazing mentally and physically!”
“Elisabeth really focused on moderation, balance and making choices you can maintain. It is not a quick fix, or a way to see the number on the scale drop quickly. It is about living and loving a healthy style long term.”