Your complete list of PROTEIN sources!

Yep, I am talking protein just like everyone else these days. BUT, I am not hear to tell you why you need it, that is a topic for a different day.  Instead, I want to give you ideas on HOW to get protein into you day. 

One of the biggest question I get from a lot of clients is “HOW can I get more protein in my diet without just drinking shakes?” Protein is the one macro-nutrient that is low, or nonexistent, in a lot of the foods we eat, especially processed foods. This is why your carbs and fats add up really fast and protein seems to rise so slow. 

You do not need to drink shakes and eat chicken breasts every day to get all your protein in. (For a more comprehensive over look of finding the right portion for your diet, check out my FREE Setting your Macro’s eBook HERE.) In the meantime, aim for 100 grams of protein a day, then slowly increase it, if your body requires more for your goal.  

Also, break your 100 grams up into daily portion sizes.  Meaning, aim for a certain amount each meal instead of looking at the big end number.  For example, consume at least 25 grams of protein for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Then split the leftover 25 grams through out the day on your snacks or treats. Break those goals down!! (Learn more about goal setting in my Goal Believer post.)

I know the struggle is real, I promise. I want to make it easier for you so I have complied a list of some of my favorites (some pictured, some not) from my local Costco, WinCo, product websites, and Amazon.  My goal is to help you see the endless possibilities when it comes to getting protein in.  I have linked some items for purchase or reference.  Keep in mind, all of these protein amounts are listed per serving size on the package.  You may eat more or less per serving, which will affect the amount of protein you get from them.

Also, this is just the protein amount per serving.  ALL of these items (excluding the protein powder) contain carbs and fats. Keep that in mind as well when thinking about which option is going to work for you.


Jerky- 9g

Frozen Chicken Breast- 22g

Frozen Talapia- 21g

Whole Egg- 6 grams

Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt- 15g

Premier Protein Shake- 30g

Liquid Egg Whites- 5g

Nugo Bar- 11g

Whole Wheat Bread- 5g

Canned Chicken Breast- 13g

FitCrunch Bar- 16g

Cottage Cheese- 11g

String Cheese- 8g

Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt- 23g

Canadian Bacon- 12g

Kirkland Protein Bar- 20g

Edamame- 13g

Albacore Tuna- 20g

Tyson Frozen Breaded Chicken Breast- 20g

Black Bean Chipotle Burger- 10g

Pre-cooked bacon- 6g

Sliced Lean Ham- 10g

Kodiak Cake Pancake Mix- 14 g

Broccoli- 3g


Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt- 12g

Failife Milk-12g

Peanut Butter-7g

PB2- 4g

Flatout Wrap- 9g

Kodiak Cake Muffin- 10g

Chicken Breakfast Sausage- 13g

Oh Yeah One Protein Bar- 20g

FlapJack Might Muffin- 20g

Quinoa and Brown Rice- 6g

Peanut Butter Granola- 11g

Turkey Bacon- 5g

Vegetable Fried Rice- 5g

Chicken Fried Rice- 8g

Extra Lean Ground Beef- 22g

Halo Top Ice Cream- 5 grams

Lentils- 11g

Old Fashion Oats- 5g

Flaxseed- 2g

Better Oats Instant Oatmeal- 5g


Vital Protein Collagen Peptides - 18g

IdealLean Protein Powder- 20g

Quest Protein Powder - 22g

Pro Granola Protein Cereal -12g

Lil Buff Protein Cake

G2G Bar- 18g

Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites -22g

Cocoa Bar in a Jar- 5g (use discount code EATSQUATMOM10 for 10% off your order!)

I am positive there are many more options! If you have some favorites that are not on the list comment on this post so I can add them.  

Now you have no excuse to get your 100 grams of protein in for the day! Make this a weekly focus. If you do not reach it one day, just work on it the next! No shame, guilt, frustration or believing you can't.  Just learn and APPLY and anything is possible! 

To learn more about how to get started making a sustainable nutritional plan, grab my FREE Nutrition eBook HERE

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