How to simplify your MACRO journey

Ever heard of the all-or nothing mentality??

I am sure you have, and I can guess there are a handful of places in your life you feel you have this mindset, nutrition being one of them.

More specific, MACROS.

It is amazing to think that having customized numbers could drastically change the way you look. But what if you FIRST believed that macros could drastically change the way you view food so you no longer felt restricted, overwhelmed, out of control, mindless, and/or a failure?

Well it is a good thing I don’t want that for you and I a going to show you how start looking at the macro VALUE of the food (what does it provide you) rather than an exact number you have to play math magic with daily.
ALL foods have value and you need to learn what that is. Rather than focusing on a macro breakdown start with a calorie amount and a goal to read the label on everything you eat. Learn what value the food holds based on the numbers. Is it high in protein and carbs with little fat. Does it give you no protein and only a fat source? It is just a bunch of carbs?

What value does it have for YOU?

This can be a simple step towards becoming more precise with your nutrition to get more accelerated results a few weeks, or months down the road.
You don’t HAVE to know the exact nutritional information of your food in order to lose weight in the beginning. Get real with the level of intensity you want to put in and be happy with the results that follow. This is all about YOU and what helps YOU be consistent.
Any step, big or small, is a step towards reaching your desired goal.  All-or-nothing will never get you to your goal.



This all sounds amazing but how do you apply it?? In this video I walk you through how macro value vs. macro exact works and how you can apply it to your macro journey and help eliminate the overwhelm you may be feeling.

Maybe you forgot your pen and paper to take notes, or you just could not write it all down fast enough.  Don’t hesitate to re-listen (I am not going anywhere!) or check out what I have highlighted for you below in a RECAP of the video. 

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Whether you are a macro newbie, overwhelmed starter, or a burnt-out seasoned pro, this concept is for YOU.

You don’t need to have your entire life held together by a set of numbers.  Your biggest asset in your weight loss journey is the amount of information you learn about the foods you love, your strengths, and how allow your weaknesses to teach you more about yourself to create more positive habits around your health.

Start with this belief for macros before you even start and you won’t ever quit again!

Ask yourself these two questions about any customized (or self-prepared, click HERE to get my free guide to get you started) macro count BEFORE dive into trying to play the daily macro math game.

  • What do you know about these numbers (ex: 125g P, 153g C, 68g F)  when it comes to the food you currently eat?
  • Can you tell me right now how you could get in 125 grams of protein?  What would your sources be to get you there?
  • Do you know what 153 grams of carbs looks like in the foods you currently eat? Do you know what you would need to eat less/more of in order to achieve that goal?

If you can not answer YES to these questions, then you need to take some time (a few weeks or a month) focusing on the macro value verses the exact number.

What is Macro Value?

To help you understand what this concept means I will use an apple for an example.  By logging 150g of an apple you can see it has 25g C.  That is the exact value in carbs the apple is giving to you.

Now I want you to take the 25g C and place a food VALUE of high med, or low carb to YOU. I used myself as an example for this and stated the MACRO VALUE of that apple to me meant it was a higher carb food. (This can be different for everyone.  No one person will have the same value for food and that is what is so amazing about nutrition, it is always customized!)

How to apply macro value to my meals?

Once you have given food a value you can now create staple meals.  You can easily plug these meals into your day to help you stay within your calorie allotment and hit your protein.  An example of what this would look like would be:

MEAL #1- Egg White Breakfast Sandwich (High Carb, Medium Protein, Low fat)

MEAL #2- Chicken and Avocado Salad (Low carb, High Protein, High Fat)

MEAL #3- Hamburgers w/extra lean ground turkey (High carb, High Protein, Med Fat)

By looking at the first meal I note that it is not a higher protein meal. I can now know that I need to have the other two meals be higher in protein. Same concept for carbs and fat.  For my goals and current body composition, if I eat a high carb meal I know I can eat a low and another high carb meal that day and stay within my calories.

BONUS: not discussed in the video Pros and Cons to both. 

Macro Exact pros:

  • You will see accelerated results because each macro nutrient will do something for your body.  If you are supplying your body with the right breakdown it will respond more effectively.
  • You will have the energy needed to fuel your workouts.
  • You will be able to understand how your body adapts to carb/fat ratio.
  • You will learn more about what is in your food then you ever have before

Macro exact cons:

  • You can get a feeling of burnout due to always needs to meet a certain standard
  • It is easy to blame the numbers and want to change them if you don’t see results every week.
  • You eat foods you don’t like in order to obtain a certain macro goal.

Macro value pros:

  • You can avoid the “eat whatever fits’ mentality that makes you feel restricted at times.
  • You learn to trust what you know and make decisions from information and want, not numbers.
  • You value portion control rather than an exact serving size.
  • Less overwhelm and confusion over making everything fit

Macro value cons:

  • You make lack the right amount of protein to ensure you maintain muscle mass during a defecit
  • You don’t have all the information to make a well-informed decision on how to decrease your caloric intake during a plateau.


Last thought…

MACRO value still means you need to take the time to track your foods, prepare meals, make a plan, and LEARN about your food.  However, eliminating the idea that you must be exact with your macros or you have failed is FALSE. That is your all-or-nothing mindset and it is time GET RID OF IT!

Click HERE to download your FREE 5 pages of resources (protein list, carb and fat list, macro value meal planner, staple planner, organized shopping list 😱) to help you apply this concept in your own life.   

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