How my Pregnancy "glow" was not the same.

There is a 40 pound weight gain difference between my first (left) and second (right) pregnancy, yet my view on my body was not any healthier. My body image was different thinner, I was active, I was eating less processed food, so why was I not healthier?

Health is not just about an image.  It encompasses so much more that that.  It is about how strong you are mentally first, and then the physical comes naturally. I know exactly where my mind was in that moment of my second pregnancy.  I was a week away from my due date in both pictures, but I was more concerned about when I could would be able to run again.  I wanted the baby to come because I wanted to "get my body back." How sad is that?? Looking back at this picture I can only feel sadness towards all the things I missed out on in those last precious days of having her inside me.  I lost so many memories because I mentally could not handle what the pregnancy was doing to my body.  

Even after I gave birth I did not take pride in the fact that I just gave birth to my amazing daughter WITHOUT medicine. My body was strong enough to endure the pain and mentally I knew I could push through it because that is what I planned and trained for. Why was this all overshadowed by a number on the scale??

God has a way of showing us when we are headed down a path that is not full of love, grace, and joy. With that pregnancy my recovery wasn’t as simple as I had thought it would. I was on some restrictions due to a prolapsed cervix and I was unsure when I could return to running. My baby had acid reflux and was up most of the night. My husband was gone on a 3 month training leaving me alone with a toddler and newborn. I spent many nights crying as I was bouncing my screaming newborn feeling like I was never going to be who I once was. My husband was able to come home one weekend and as he walked in the door I just cried. I knew he didn’t recognize me. Not because of any physical appearance, but because I had let the absence of not working out affect every aspect of my life, including my happiness.

I remember him praying that night with me for patience, comfort and a for me to recognize my worth, especially within our family unit. I knew at that moment if I did not change, I could lose so much more than my “body.” This is where my true transformation started and I will never forget, nor will I go back to that girl.

Fast forward 3.5 years and this picture is a completely different person not just physically, but mentally too. In those 4 years between my second and third child I found something inside myself that pushed for change. I wanted to be happier, healthier and stronger for my family. It wasn't just about me and my body image. It was about what exercise and creating healthier habits made me FEEL, not look.  I can look at this picture of me and truly be happy.  I can remember those last days of being pregnant.  I LOVED them. They are memories I will never forget. 

Weight loss is so much more than a physical change. I have experienced both extremes and neither is where I want you to be. You have to want it for more than vanity reasons to find true happiness! Do not be someone you are not for the sake of an image. Instead be happy, healthy and strong mentally!

We compare because it is human nature. However, what we decided to do with those thoughts will determine our outcome. It is never to late to make a change for the better. Every single one of us has it within ourselves to be happy! Find it, and conquer it!

I know personally that this mindset doesn't come easily and I want to help you make the transition enjoyable to a more positive healthy lifestyle. Comment or email me, and I would be happy to help get you started! Click HERE to Learn more about my programs

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Hey friend! I am a wife to an amazing and dedicated Air Force Pilot, as well as a mom to three very beautiful, yet sassy girls. I started my own fitness journey 10 years ago when I knew that being a new mom was not meant to make me feel the way I did.  I knew I was better than the lies I was letting the world tell me.  I set out to change myself for the better and in the process I gained a passion to help other women experience the same joy! I may love to pound out the heavy weights but I also started with simple home workouts that I know work. I have a love for the outdoors as well as traveling. I want to make sure you find that same joy, living a life you love!