4 Step Process to Overcome Emotional Eating

Do you consider yourself to be an emotional eater?

Is food a coping mechanism for you?

Are you struggling to lose weight because you feel out of control when emotions are high?

I am about to help you make the switch and put you back in control! Sound good??

I want to clarify something about emotional eating first....

That is just the term given to a binge episode when you chose not to eat with intention. The reality is Emotional eating" it is not eating based on emotions. Emotions are a result of processing thoughts. Those thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to a specific action. To say it was the emotion that led you to seek some comfort from food, it is actually the thought, not the feeling.

If you desire to determine your triggers you need to look further than the emotion.

Emotions are part of the human body and need to be understood, not eliminated. By understanding your thoughts, actions and circumstances, you will discover ways to forget the food and move beyond the false comfort it gives. Making this mental shift will give you the confidence to change the behavior instead of finding a Band-Aid to cover up the emotion.

I know you are now asking, "Sounds great but, HOW??"

Not overnight, that is for sure! If you are looking or hoping for a quick fix answer there is not one that will help you long term. Instead, by following these FOUR STEPS listed below and practicing them DAILY you can overcome the binge and take back the control you feel you lost.

First, PAUSE and BREATH, then:

#1 ADDRESS THE SITUATION: Learn where you are at this moment that is leading you to feel a lack of control. Is it at night, are you alone, are you hiding from chaos, are you starving from lack of eating? Whatever the situation is, address it as a trigger.

This is so often the forgot piece to understand WHY you are choosing to eat when and what you are!

#2 WHAT IS YOUR THOUGHT: In the situation what is your thought that is leading you to have the feelings that you do.

For example: "This house never stays clean," or "My boss called me out in the meeting and I a hated it." 

#3 ATTACH THE EMOTION: Now that you have processed the thought what is the emotion that now comes from it? These thoughts lead you to feel what you are so acknowledge that!

For example: Are you overwhelmed from the messy house? Are you mad at your boss?

Distinguish what thought is driving those feelings and DO NOT ACT on it until you do step #4.

#4 PROCESS THE EMOTION, THEN ACT: Once you establish the thought leading to the emotion, THINK before you ACT. Process what the thought is doing for you and walk through how you can have a positive outcome, instead of "coping" with the emotion.

Here is an example of how that would look: "What is going to help me eliminate some stress from the house?"

You might come up with the solution of ALONE time with a movie."

Or another example is: "My boss really upset me at the meeting today...where can I get out some frustration? 

You opt for Frozen Yogurt with friends, instead of drinks."

This does not mean food will never be a coping strategy. Sometimes the simple act of eating your favorite bowl of ice cream will help, but it is the way in which you view that bowl of ice cream that will make all the difference!  Changing this mindset will help you can then move past emotional eating and EAT WITH INTENTION.

You get to determine the value of your food.  It is only you that gives it power!  Do not let something as basic as a bag of Oreo's hold as much value as the happiness and comfort you get from your family, friends or a good book!  

If this is a cycle that you are struggling with, know you are not alone. I also want you to know that it can change, and I would love to be there to help!

This topic of Emotional eating, combined with Binge eating, is one of my weekly focuses in my Your Unique FIT Online Nutrition Course. There is SO MUCH packed into this program. I am confident it will empower you to overcome the feelings you have associated with emotional eating.

If you are still trying to have a better understanding of the role fitness and nutrition will play in your life, and if this program is right for you, Sign-up HERE to schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consult. No question is off limits and no strings attached!

Don't let your fears hold you back from taking back control of your thoughts around food. You have the power, USE IT

It is ALL you girl!

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