5 Steps on How to Create YOUR Successful Program

I get it, you are on attempt 1,247 of starting a diet to lose weight and keep telling yourself this time it WILL happen. Your friend just lost weight on a diet, so you jump on board. You make yourself believe this will be the “magic“ diet.  The one that will change it ALL.

Three weeks into the diet you look nothing like your friend did. Your motivation has now turned to the belief that for you change is impossible. So you revert to the bad habits you had before. Your reoccurring daily thought is again consumed by “something must be wrong with me.”

Well you are right, something is wrong with you. (Said in the most loving way possible!)

You are choosing the wrong program because you are not choosing based on a positive growth mindset. You jumped on one diet to look like a particulate person, another because someone else had success, then another one because it was marketed to make you believe nothing else would work, and the most recent one was because it would get you to your goal: “blasting the fat in 30 days!”

Ladies, STOP! You deserve so much more than any of these diets or programs make you believe. They want you to believe that there method is the only method for success. You are STRONGER than what they will make you feel.

I know what you are thinking... Where do I go from here? If none of this is what will work, then what will?


I am not lying. ANYTHING deliberately planned and executed that you can remain consistent with AND makes you feel good, will give results and will work with who you are as an unique person. Let’s be honest, if you don’t like it, you probably won’t stick to it.

This graphic is to show how anything WILL work depending on what you like.

Still confused?? I have broken down into FIVE STEPS on how to get started creating a fitness program that will work for you and ditch the negative diet cycle for good!

Breaking them down in order I feel is the most important. So here we go!


This does not mean 5 days a week of heavy lifting. If this is not your jam, don’t do it all the time, BUT you do need to add some weights into your weekly routine at least 2x a week for at least 20 minutes. This can include circuit training or classes like BodyPump.

Why is this one of my 5 things? Because lifting weights does more for you than just building muscle. If you want to eat more, lift weights.  If you want to see your body composition change, lift weights.  If you want to run faster, lift weights.  If You want to be strong physically and mentally, lift weights.

All of these are focused around how your muscles (yes your brain is a muscle!) work within your body.  Complex movements like a squat require coordination and many muscles working together. Ever notice how former dancers do everything gracefully long after they’ve stopped dancing? They have taught their body to coordinate its movements. 

Lifting will do the same. It will coordinate your movements which well help guard you from injury and will make everyday tasks easier. Also, Muscles require WAY more energy than fat to sustain, hence more calories burned even while at rest.  They support your body giving you strength and agility.  They are your POWERHOUSE and you need them!


Limiting factors are the things in your life that you can not control, such as your work schedule, injuries, and yes, genetics.

AN example of what you may say is a limiting factor could be:

“I can’t workout because my work schedule doesn’t give me enough time before the kids get home.”


“It is too hard to plan a dinner menu since our nights are crazy and I don’t even know if I will be home to cook dinner.”

Either of these sounds familiar? Your limiting factor is NOT what you can’t do (I can’t because…), that is an excuse. It is what is creating an obstacle.

To explain what I mean by obstacle, the first example limiting factor is not because you do not have time (excuse), it is your work schedule (obstacle).  In the second example, your limiting factor is not that your nights are crazy (excuse), it is that your schedule is different every night (obstacle).

The first thought leads you to an excuse, the other leads you to finding a solution. I want you to focus on fixing the limiting factors, not eliminating them, so they do not affect your ability to reach your goals any longer.

To do this, write down three limiting factors you feel you face daily in your life that you look at as an obstacle in reaching your goals. Now, write a solution to the limiting factor.  

For example, your solution to having a busy work schedule would be that that you will spend your 30 minute lunch break walking while eating your lunch.  You will move your body instead of socializing. This you can control. If it doesn’t happen, it is your choice and you take ownership for it. There will be no blame assigned to any limiting factor.

Now, STOP reading and WRITE YOURS DOWN, then come back and keep reading!


By this I mean do not go from eating fast food every single day to “I will never eat it again!” Really, NEVER?

Instead make a goal that for the first two weeks of this new lifestyle change you will limit eating out to 3x a week AND you will choose something based on the nutritional info you looked up. This is now a tangible goal that you know you can control. Then, maybe after two weeks you feel like cutting it down to twice a week is doable and if not, keep doing what is working!

You can not expect to make a permanent change overnight so do not expect to change your body or mind overnight.  The all-or-nothing mentality is dangerous and NEVER leads to consistency.  It is a negative cycle that does not allow for mistakes, learning and growth. Start slow and simple and allow for change to happen in the same way.

Take your limiting factors and apply them to this principle as well!


Yep you have one. I could write a whole blog post on this and I probably will, but for now it simply means how you think about food. Are you:

  • A Convenience eater: Someone that goes long periods of time without eating because it is the last thing you think about.  Once you realize you are hungry, starvation is occurring. You are in no position to create a meal, so you eat whatever is convenient, usually fast food. This leads to binge eating, especially at night.
  • A food Fiend: Someone that thinks about food all the time. Food is never an after thought even when life is busy.
  • Maybe a combination

This impacts the way any "diet" will work for you.  You can not simple be something you are not.  Understanding the way you think about food will allow yourself to stop feeling guilty for not following the "plan."  YOu need to make a nutrition plan work for you, not against you. 

Now, I have another writing task for you. I want you to list the PROS and CONS for your food personality. Making this list will help you determine how you can a turn a negative thought into a positive action. Applying this concept is magical!

For a food fiend an example of the Pros and Cons might look something like this:

  • CON: Thinking about food all the time causes me to be a grazer and snack often. Even when I am busy with life I will not make smart choices just because it is food and it is there.
  • PRO: The constant thought of food helps with my ability to be more of a meal planner. I am are eager to create a plan that builds around my food favorites. I know exactly what I can and will eat.  It eliminates the guessing game and I feel in control.


If you were start anything today this would be it.  This is your most important step in developing a program that will work for you. We all have our reasons for wanting a particular goal, but do you really understand what is behind those reasons?

I promise the reasons for a desire to lose fat are not the same between you and your best friend.  On the surface it may seem that way, but asking yourself some simpe questions will allow you to discover her dream to loss the fat is NOT your dream. This is why you should not base your program on what SHE did.

Wanting to change your physical image is not bad and can be part of why you want a change, but it is not your WHY? If you can only answer in terms of “to be skinny,” “to look like her,” “to wear a bikini,” I can promise you that you will burn out, revert to old ways and continue to have a very unhealthy relationship with food and body image.

Now comes your big writing assignment! Grab the tissue boxes, find a quiet spot and really take time to think and answers these questions.

Once you write your answer to the first question, proceed to ask 4-5 “why’s” in response to each answer. You will eventually uncover the TRUE reason for this desire.

  • What do you want to change?
    • ANSWER
  • Why do you want this?
    • ANSWER
  • Why?
    • ANSWER
  • Why?
    • ANSWER
  • Why?
    • ANSWER
  • Why do you want this?
    • ANSWER

That is it ladies! Completing all of these will set you up on a positive path to reaching your goals.  You can not start any dream with a negative thought. There is no motivation or passion behind it.  Dream BIG ladies and work HARD and you will soon believe in everything I already believe about you! It is pretty amazing!

*I would love to see these steps in action! Comment below on what you have discovered about yourself and/or tag me in an Instagram post @eat.squat.com I love hear from you and seeing all your beautiful faces!

If this has your wheels spinning and you are eager to get started but still feeling like you need more customized one-on-one attention, l CAN help! Schedule  FREE 15 minute phone consultation with me HERE

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