Welcome! My name is Elisabeth Mortensen and I am so happy you found me!

By coming here you have a desire to get out of the never-ending cycle of  excuses like "I don't have time," or "I can't change because..."  Maybe it is because you are active but can't find the balance in life and fitness.  Or you want to adventure into a new type of fitness and don't know where to start. Whatever the reason I can help you find what works for you and make it happen! You can have a life where everything is fun and empowering, even food and exercise.

Do you believe me??

IT'S TRUE, let me help you!

Life is not about hiding behind all of these walls that you have put up for yourself.  There is a life that doesn't revolve around the gym, constant food prep, and endless stacks of "what not to eat" recipe books. I can't make the change for you,  but I definitely can give you all the tools and motivation you need to make you be the best version of you.   Every day counts and everyday you can learn something new.

I have been on many fitness journeys over the last eight years and have striven for perfection each time. I have found that perfection doesn't lie in what I see in the mirror but how I am as a mom, wife, friend, and most importantly a daughter of God. Finding the joy in my  mommy lifestyle is living a HEALTHY, HAPPY and STRONG life.


My fitness journey started 10 years ago when my oldest daughter was about 18 months old.  Prior to her birth I was a casual exerciser.  I maybe got off my butt once or twice a month and tried to run.  I was active in hiking in the summers but lazy in the winters.  Was I happy with my less than active lifestyle?  No. That resulted in me putting on about 60 lbs during my pregnancy. On my 5"4" frame that was a load of unhappiness.

One day I decided that the extra pounds I was carrying around almost 18 months after her birth was not what I wanted.   It was not making me healthy and strong physically or mentally.  I decided to make a change that day, just like you, and never look back.  I wanted to prove to myself that I can be happier and live a life I loved.  I managed to lose the weight I wanted and was content.

I thought that losing weight was always going to be my battle but I found a new struggle a couple years later while I was trying to get pregnant with my second daughter.

I had become an active runner.  I was running every day and attending a stroller fitness class.  I was at a very healthy weight and happy with my fitness routine. I was told after having multiple miscarriages that in order to get pregnant and stay pregnant again I would have to stop running and put on a little weight.  It was crushing because I had worked long and hard to get to where I was and I wasn't the master of balance.  Through that pregnancy I learned to love myself and my body for what it was and what it could do more than how it looked.

Finally gaining the courage to do something for myself and allow for imperfections has changed my life.  My family has a healthy, happy and strong mom that will push them to be the best possible person they can become.  Change only happens when you let it.  When you decide that giving up is not an option. That is when you can truly see and be the perfect you!


Eight years ago I become a certified personal trainer through ISSA.   I want to help others achieve a lifestyle that for the most part they feel undeserving of.  I started by teaching a stroller fitness class at my local YMCA while training a few personal clients on the side. I was so sad to have to leave my amazing stroller moms when we moved (joys of being a military wife) but knew it would bring new opportunities. I have continued to expand my knowledge through certifications in kick boxing and strength training.  I continue to help numerous people find the balance in life and a love of fitness.


Whatever your fitness goal may be, together we can achieve it!  Let me help you understand how to make fitness and nutrition a part of your life you enjoy.  No one person is the same, which means no program is the same.  I encourage you to create a fitness lifestyle to your personal preferences and not to to a cookie cutter mold.  I will challenge you and show you your potential.  Everyone loves a personal cheerleader and I can be YOURS!