Customized Programs

I can create a fitness program that is built around your fitness goals and one that is truly personal to you.  These are not cookie cutter programs tailored as a one size fits all.  I start with phone consults to learn more about you and what your fitness desires are.  I ask questions to better understand your life situations so that I can make a program that WILL work for you, whether that is at a gym or at home.  I provide nutrition guidance on how to make this a lifestyle change and not just a new "diet" to explore.  You will have access to all your workouts and track your progress and nutrition through my app.  We will track progress by uploading measurements, weight, height and progress pictures that only you and I can view.  You can communicate with me 24/7 and receive feed back from me daily through the app.  I want to teach a lifestyle change not just a quick fix.  

Let me help you achieve your goals!