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  • What can I learn from my body type? Part 2- Nutrition and Exercise
    In Fitness, Inspiration, Nutrition
    After reading Part one (click link if you haven’t) you should now be able to identify which body type you are.  This is very helpful in helping you understand your body and learn to love who you are.  However, sometimes we still want to change for the better, whatever that may be.  For any body type, exercise is going to help you lose fat because it will help you achieve a calorie deficit (your body is using more calories than you are eating).  However, the rate at which you will lose the fat can be changed by simply changing your macros and fitness routine. Remember, what works for you and your body type won’t necessarily work for others.  This is why when I say everyone is different, I truly mean it. Not because you look different but your body responds differently as well. Let me explain… Protein seems to be the new must have buzz word in nutrition these days, I mean you even see it on Mac and Cheese commercials.  It is essential for weight loss and muscle gains, […]
  • What can I learn from my body type?- Part one
    In Inspiration, Uncategorized
    I preach a lot about how everyone is different and we need to cater our fitness goals to us individually.  This is one of those “easier said than done” phrases. I get that.  The fitness industry does a fantastic job making us believe that everyone can and should be on the same diet or workout plan.  While this can work for some people, others are left wondering why they can’t succeed.  Everyone can, if given the right information for their own body, not anyone else’s. (This is why I do customized training plans.  Sign-up for one!) There are so many factors that go into weight loss; muscle gains, nutrition, and strength and endurance. It can be overwhelming and hard to know what will work the best for you.  To help you better understand more about your body and how fitness and nutrition will work best for your body type, I am going to break this topic into a two different posts. Today’s Post is Part One:  An overview of all three body types. I will discuss […]
  • Breaking Through the Nutrition Chaos
    In Inspiration, Nutrition
    I bet diet gets searched more often on google than Kardashian or The Bachelor.  (I checked; on google and diet is searched more than the two combined).  There are so many diets and everyone has an opinion.  Some are realistic and others, well they are just stupid (I won’t name names but I am looking right at you Pinterest). If you are looking for the perfect nutrition plan for yourself it may or may not be the one that your best friend is using to give her amazing results.  It seems counter intuitive I mean it worked for her, right?  It helped her go from what she was to what she is now and you want that.  That is the problem.  Did she look just like you in her before picture and did she have the same goals as you?  If the answer is no, then don’t do what she is did; it will not get you to where you want to be. Each person has a specific goal in mind and how they want to achieve that goal.  Do you have a lot of weight to lose?  Are you wanting to put on more muscle?  Do […]
  • 24 Hours in a Day Just Isn’t Enough…Let’s change that!
    In Fitness, Free Workouts, Workout
    You know the famous phrase, “There just isn’t enough time in the day for me to do that…” Why is this so widely accepted and lived?? We spend time in our day doing things that would not be considered productive; I know because I do them.  When it comes to not wasting time, I am no saint.  I have sat in and avoided piles of laundry more times than I can count. I have looked through social media sites, read meaningless articles on the internet, and looked up a movie star or two to see what dreamland they are off to that day. I can say that 50% of that time I spent wasted, I could have done something that could help me grow into a happier and healthier me. Take note of your daily activities, write them out, find out how much time you spend doing them, and then make a plan for yourself.  We ALL do better with a plan. A written plan, not a metal plan! My 24 hour Day Broken Down There are 24 hours in the day. Let’s break down an average of time spent doing […]
  • You said six months of the same workouts…? Bored already.
    In Cardio, Fitness, Free Workouts, Strength Circuit
    Are you ready to sweat?? Your answer is YES and I have the workouts for you! I am sure we have all bought a workout DVD or 2, maybe even 20. Never a bad thing, They can give you the push you need to get you familiar with exercise again and they can also make you lose weight.  But how many times can you really watch the same thing over and over again before you really don’t want to do it EVER again? Maybe 10…? It is like the movie Frozen, totally loved it the first handful of times I watched it but now if by some small chance that DVD was purposely broken lost I would not miss it one bit.  Workout videos can feel the same way after months of repeating them.  Being bored does not encourage motivation. We easily see this in kids. When they lose interest in an activity they chose not to do it.  It takes a little creativity and mom to the rescue to change up the activity and try something new for the spark to come back.  We are the same though we may not see it. If you love […]
  • Shoulder WorkoutA Week of Weight Training
    In Fitness, Free Workouts, Weight Training
    I know what you are thinking when someone says “heavy weight training.”  The loud grunts and groans coming from the testosterone driven men as the try and lift a PR (personal record).  While this can make you regret your decision to try a weight training program let me tell you why to keep going! I started weight training about five years ago when I needed to stop being such a cardio queen so I could get pregnant.  I needed an exercise that I could do without getting my hear rate up too high.  I didn’t know how much I would love lifting weights until I tried it. It was something different. Something new.  It challenged my body in a a whole new way.  I love feeling strong.  I don’t just mean physically.  Weight training gives me a mental strength that makes me feel like I can battle whatever crazy children problems the day brings. Cardio can push me to want to go faster or harder but there is something rewarding about watching the weights stack up as I get […]
  • Elliptical HIITTreadmill, it isn’t just for the casual runner
    In Cardio, Fitness, Free Workouts, Workout
    Another day, another time to sweat!  I have a quick 25 min treadmill workout that is waiting to push and challenge you physically and mentally. Running on the treadmill can feel like you are running into a black hole.  I know from experience too many times.  Living in rainy WA and with a husband gone all the time I had to train for a half marathon on a treadmill.  The half marathon seemed way shorter than those 11 miles on that beast. However, I did what I could at the time and learned how to make the treadmill more bearable. What’s my secret, you ask…? Intervals. Adding speed and incline intervals will make those miles and time fly by.  Don’t just jump on and run mile after mile.  That will do nothing for your heart rate training or increase speed and strength.  Going further and faster is all a result of interval training. Interval training is also a great weight loss tool.  Both high and low intensity exercise have their benefits.  Low intensity exercise pulls […]
  • Mom! What’s for dinner??
    In Inspiration, Nutrition, Recipes
    I can cook it, but don’t ask me to photograph it. I know there are many that are a jack of all trades.  I like to believe that I can do anything.  I mean, I don’t doubt that I could if I put every moment into trying but how much do I REALLY, REALLY want to be good at food photography? Now, when I say I want to be a jack of all trades I can confirm without a doubt I will never be a food blogger.  In the process of creating this blog I attempted some food photographing.  My attempt was laughable.  I took photos of food but it by no means was food photography.  My pictures made my cooking look like my 5 year old did all the work.  That just wasn’t going to make you want to say “Yum, let’s cook that for dinner.”  So despite my best efforts and lack of support from my amazing husband (who supported me 100% on the fitness blog) I decided it was in the best interest of everyone if I didn’t do the whole photography thing.  (Husband edit: You […]
  • Nutrition 101 or 102 or 103…Where do I start?
    In Inspiration, Nutrition
    All of us fitness coaches, trainers and athletes know that nutrition is key and we will continue to tell clients that.  Do I tell my clients this? Sure do! However, it is easy to say nutrition is key when you know what works and doesn’t.  Nutrition can be the hardest part for many of us busy moms.  It is easy to get caught up in making sure the kids get off to school on time, come home clean the house and maybe take a shower all before the thought of even feeding ourselves will happen.  With nutrition the same rules apply as fitness.  Take time for yourself.  Make fueling your body a top priority.  When you can make that a habit, you will see your hard work pay off. So, before we can even get into posts about you should and shouldn’t eat here are my rules when it comes to nutrition and how to make it not so complicated. NEVER skip breakfast! We demand ask nicely for our children to eat a good breakfast before they go to school so why shouldn’t we before our day is in […]
  • Whoever said exercise could be fun wasn’t lying.
    In Fitness, Free Workouts, Inspiration, Strength Circuit, Workout
    There it is.  That moment you first enter the gym after having never set foot in one. Or you are going on your ten-year reunion of no gym and the panic sets in.  Your mind starts telling you how impossible it will be and how horrible exercise is.  Images of YouTube epic gym fails flood your mind. Panic sets in. Don’t listen to it. It doesn’t know crap about exercise, until you show your mind how to love it. No one person is the same which means no one person will love every form of exercise the same.  You can however find what you do love.  Finding the balance is key.  The balance between what needs to get done and what you love getting done. There are so many fitness styles out there trying to sell you on their program or way of training.  They try to convince you that if you follow their plan you will be skinny and fabulous in a short time.  Are they wrong?  Probably not.  Will you enjoy it? Maybe. I am not saying that this is the wrong way to get started.  I am the […]