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  • Tabata strength circuit24 Hours in a Day Just Isn’t Enough… so they say
    If there is one thing as a trainer I never want to hear anyone say, you know that phrase, “There just isn’t enough time in the day for me to do that…” Why is this so widely accepted and lived?? I know there is time that we […]
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  • You said six months of the same workouts…? Bored already.
    Are you ready to sweat?? Your answer is YES and I have the workouts for you! I am sure we have all bought a workout DVD or 2, maybe even 20. Never a bad thing, They can give you the push you need to get you familiar with exercise again and they can […]
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  • Shoulder WorkoutA Week of Weight Training
    I know what you are thinking when someone says “heavy weight training.”  The loud grunts and groans coming from the testosterone driven men as the try and lift a PR (personal record).  While this can make you regret your decision to try […]
  • Elliptical HIITTreadmill, it isn’t just for the casual runner
    Another day, another time to sweat!  I have a quick 25 min treadmill workout that is waiting to push and challenge you physically and mentally. Running on the treadmill can feel like you are running into a black hole.  I know from experience too […]
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  • Whoever said exercise could be fun wasn’t lying.
    There it is.  That moment you first enter the gym after having never set foot in one. Or you are going on your ten-year reunion of no gym and the panic sets in.  Your mind starts telling you how impossible it will be and how horrible exercise is.  […]