Weight training daily menu

Healthy daily menuThis healthy daily menu focuses more on a higher macro number for carbs.  This is great for days were your muscles need those extra calories for growth and development during weight training.  Protein is still high while keeping the fats lower.

The serving size is different for everyone depending on their weight, height, gender and fitness goals.  For that reason I have not put serving amounts.  If you have questions about what would work for you please comment below.  However, I have provided recipes! Click on the links for the delicious recipes!

M1: Protein smoothie (protein powder and frozen berries) with English muffin, PB 2, banana and honey

M2:  Cottage cheese and apples

M3:  Chicken and Quinoa fried rice (I replace the rice for quinoa) with carrots sticks

M4:  Oh Yeah One Protein bar

M5: Grilled Steak, broccoli and baked sweet potatoes (This recipe is close to what I do.  Eliminate the butter and italian seasoning and replace with 1/2 tsp paprika)

M6:  Halo top

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Daily Healthy menu