24 Hours in a Day Just Isn’t Enough… so they say

If there is one thing as a trainer I never want to hear anyone say, you know that phrase, “There just isn’t enough time in the day for me to do that…” Why is this so widely accepted and lived?? I know there is time that we spend doing things that would not be considered productive; I know because I do them.  When it comes to not wasting time, I am no saint.  I have sat in and avoided piles of laundry more times than I can count and looked through social media sites, read meaningless articles on the internet, and looked up a movie star or two to see what dreamland they are off to that day. I will say that maybe 50% of that time I spent wasted I was doing research so it is justified, right?!?

Anyway, my point is we just need to look at our day and do a little math.

My 24 hour Day Broken Down

There are 24 hours in the day. Let’s break down an average of time spent doing certain activities each day.

  • 7 hours of sleep
  • 1 hour to shower and get ready for the day
  • 3 hours for school drop off/pick up and errands
  • 2 hours cleaning/organizing/more cleaning
  • 1 hour of “girl” time
  • 2 hours spent preparing meals
  • 2 hours playing soccer mom for after school activities
  • 1 hour helping with homework
  • 1 hour of family time
  • 1 hour of hubby time, BEST part!

Now, that is a grand total of 21 hours.


So, if I do my math correctly 24-21=3.  I have three whole hours left in the day to get a workout in with hours to spare for me to watch the latest episodes of This Is Us or Poldark.  (Now, if you don’t know what either of these shows are, well you need too ASAP! Then report back about how much you LOVE them. ;))

So, 3 hours of the day is 12.5% of my day.  That may not seem like a lot but one hour of exercise is only 4.2% of your day.  Even just 30 minutes, is only 2.1% !

Anyone can make time in their day for 2% of something that will make you stronger, healthier and happier!

Your life will be so much more rewarding and enjoyable not only because you are changing your health but because you are doing something for yourself.  When you are happy; life is happy.

Now, not everyone’s day looks this way. Some people work full time outside of the home, others don’t have any kids, and some work multiple jobs to make ends meet.  If this is you, figure out your day.  Find where your time is spent and you will be surprised to see a little extra time just waiting to be used.  Fill it with sweat, hard work, and pure awesomeness and you will be the superhero I know you to be!

Make time today for this Tabata style workout.  A Tabata style workout is really effective way to perform HIIT workouts.  You can customize them to your fitness level with any exercise.  Simply make intervals longer of shorter or repeat circuits more than once.  You can use the same workout for numerous weeks and track your progress by increasing interval times.

SO, what are you waiting for?!?

You got this!

Tabata strength circuit

For this workout, use lower weight because you will be doing high reps.  Only take a small break after you complete all four exercises in each circuit. Repeat each circuit 2-3 times before moving onto the next one or you can complete all four and the repeat the entire workout 2-3 more times.  It is fun to play around with it!  You can make it seem like a whole new workout by switching things up.