A Week of Weight Training

I know what you are thinking when someone says “heavy weight training.”  The loud grunts and groans coming from the testosterone driven men as the try and lift a PR (personal record).  While this can make you regret your decision to try a weight training program let me tell you why to keep going!

I started weight training about five years ago when I needed to stop being such a cardio queen so I could get pregnant.  I needed an exercise that I could do without getting my hear rate up too high.  I didn’t know how much I would love lifting weights until I tried it.

It was something different. Something new.  It challenged my body in a a whole new way.  I love feeling strong.  I don’t just mean physically.  Weight training gives me a mental strength that makes me feel like I can battle whatever crazy children problems the day brings.

Cardio can push me to want to go faster or harder but there is something rewarding about watching the weights stack up as I get stronger and stronger each month.  Each workout can be something new.  Weight training allows for so much creativity that staying on a cardio machine lacks.  Don’t get me wrong, I still do cardio. I have a love/hate relationship with it.  That treadmill and I have had a few choice words back and forth on multiple occasions.

However, both forms of exercise have their health benefits outside.  Cardio helps with heart health and endurance as well as keeping the joints moving.  Strength training aids in muscle growth, which helps support the structure of the body.  This leads to better posture and balance.  When you can combine the two forms you will end up with the fat fighting workout you deserve.

Anyone can do weightlifting.  You don’t have to be thin and in shape already to start.  Weight training is all about starting out slow and increasing as you get stronger.  If you haven’t been active for quite some time you will just start with lower weight.  You will be surprised at how quickly you will gain strength.

To get you started, try out this week of weight training.  Each workout focuses on a certain muscle group.  You can combine any of these workouts with 15-20 minutes of any form of cardio.  Pick a weight that pushes you.  For more advanced fitness levels pick a weight that you really have to push through the last 2 reps on each set.  If you could do more reps than listed increase the weight.

Don’t be scared to go heavy!  Your muscles will thank you.

Day 1

Shoulder Workout

Complete all four sets of the exercise before moving onto the next exercise.

For a drop set, go down in weight one increment and repeat the rep count with no break.  That is one set.


Day 2

Chest and Back workout

Complete all three sets of the exercise before moving onto the next exercise.

Day 3


Bicep and Tricep Workout

For a superset, do both exercises in the set back to back then take a small rest and repeat.


Day 4

Leg day Burn

For a superset, complete both exercises back to back then rest.  For the Bosu push, find a place that you can push the Bosu ball for a good distance, about ten yards. Turn around and go back to the start.


  1. Stacia Liechty
    January 21, 2017

    I’ve got my workouts planned for next week thanks to you!!! 👍🏻

    1. ekmortensen
      February 8, 2017

      Let me know what you thought after you complete them!

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