Nutrition 101 or 102 or 103…Where do I start?

All of us fitness coaches, trainers and athletes know that nutrition is key and we will continue to tell clients that.  Do I tell my clients this?

Sure do!

However, it is easy to say nutrition is key when you know what works and doesn’t.  Nutrition can be the hardest part for many of us busy moms.  It is easy to get caught up in making sure the kids get off to school on time, come home clean the house and maybe take a shower all before the thought of even feeding ourselves will happen.  With nutrition the same rules apply as fitness.  Take time for yourself.  Make fueling your body a top priority.  When you can make that a habit, you will see your hard work pay off.

So, before we can even get into posts about you should and shouldn’t eat here are my rules when it comes to nutrition and how to make it not so complicated.

NEVER skip breakfast! We demand ask nicely for our children to eat a good breakfast before they go to school so why shouldn’t we before our day is in full swing?  Breakfast doesn’t have to be a fancy homemade low card, sugar free banana nut muffins with a blueberry glaze (insert eye roll). My favorite go to is an egg white breakfast sandwich. Nothing fancy and no special recipe. Just quick, easy and yummy!

Eat what your family eats. The only exemption from this rule is for breakfast and lunch. However, Don’t make Cheese stuffed ravioli and breadsticks for your family and you eat a salad instead.  This is so depressing and not the example you want to set.  If that is what you made that night, eat it.  Eat the right portion size and don’t over indulge.  You want to teach your family that eating healthy is good but not restricting.

What do you say when your kids ask “Why is mommy not eating with us?”  “Mommy is not happy and can’t eat that.”


You learn and teach moderation and self discipline. Find alternatives to recipes and make them healthier.  It isn’t every night that the family gets to splurge!

Cold turkey doesn’t work for everyone. While your totally ripped friend never eats sugar sometimes that isn’t realistic. Don’t compare yourself to them but instead make what works for you.

I LOOOVE me some sugar.  A fabulous cookie, good chocolate, cinnamon roll, ice-cream (I am talking the whole pint of ice cream) or some apple pie. Drooling…. I am obviously not a cold turkey kind of gal, did you notice?? What works for me is not cutting it out completely but choosing to limit my intake.  Others need to cut it out completely.  Find what works for you own it and control it. Don’t hid behind it.

Work to Eat. I live by this on a daily basis. Part of my motivation to workout and workout out hard is so I do not feel like I am a slave to eating the perfect nutrition every day.  Most of us women were not blessed with that amazing , eat what you want and not gain a pound, metabolism like most men.  Don’t get me wrong, age catches up to them and their metabolisms change. I won’t deny having smiled a little knowing my husband was now  “watching what he ate” due to him getting older.

Make food taste yummy and never boring. This is the number one problem that occurs with most of my clients and many people I have given advice to. Some people just hate to cook. I love to cook, bake and EAT.  It is what I would do all day long if I could. Cookies Baking is my specialty!  But for others the idea of making dinner is so exhausting they rather starve.


Healthy food can be fun, quick and so yummy.  This recipe is a favorite of my families and is prepared and in the Crockpot in 30 min or less.

Eat multiple times a day. Five times, no less. Your metabolism fuels off of calories that you eat. It can go into a sleep mode if you don’t continue to feed it.  When it sleeps you are not burning those precious extra calories.  Those are like gold to me. You want to keep it awake and busy.  This means you eat good foods every 3 hours or so.  Sweet, right?!? I knew you would like this rule!

Finally, plan a head. Make a weekly or even monthly calendar of your meals. I like to make a lunch and dinner menu. Knowing exactly what you need to make encourages you to actually do it.  Lunch can sometime be hard for me to squeeze in something that takes time so I prepare in advance.  I will have a day set aside to just cook the things I need for the week.  No, this is not me putting the exact same food for each day in Tupperware and refrigerating them.

Could that be any more boring??

I want to be excited about what I get to eat that day. Instead I will prep by boil a large batch of eggs, cook some quinoa and extra chicken breasts to throw into salads, or cook up sweet potatoes.  If I am being overzealous for that week I might even chop up veggies for dinner meals I have for the coming days.

Now, I don’t spend 3 hours cooking in the kitchen prepping for the coming week.  Just make extra when you do cook and refrigerate.  It makes the choice of eating the slice of delicious Costco pizza or eating your chicken and quinoa already prepared at home WAY easier.

This is a great menu I found that lets me plan my workouts and meals all on one sheet. You can get the free printable by clicking here.


That’s it.  Easier said than done, right?!?

Now, this is just the basics of what to do for nutrition.  There are so many more “rules” to follow when it comes to applying them to weight loss.  I won’t leave you wondering for too long.  Many more posts to come on nutrition but for now don’t get frustrated.  Start with the basics.  It is all up to you on how you want to change your body, mind and life.  Be the one in charge and in the driver seat enjoying the ride.  The back seat isn’t for you anymore.