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  • Healthy Daily menuHealthy Daily Menu 2
    I am loving the fact that this menu has me eating Kirkland cookie dough protein bar twice in one day!  Protein bars are not just for the grab and go snack.  I mostly use them for that but I love […]
  • Breaking Through the Nutrition Chaos
    I bet diet gets searched more often on google than Kardashian or The Bachelor.  (I checked; on google and diet is searched more than the two combined).  There are so many diets and everyone has an […]
  • Healthy daily menuWeight training daily menu
    This healthy daily menu focuses more on a higher macro number for carbs.  This is great for days were your muscles need those extra calories for growth and development during weight training. […]
  • Healthy Daily meal plannerHealthy Daily menu
    This healthy daily menu is a low carb but still high in lean protein.  It is perfect for a rest day. Breakfast:  Egg white scramble with salsa, ham and avocado.  Whole wheat pancake (Kodiak brand), […]
  • Tabata strength circuit24 Hours in a Day Just Isn’t Enough… so they say
    If there is one thing as a trainer I never want to hear anyone say, you know that phrase, “There just isn’t enough time in the day for me to do that…” Why is this so widely […]