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  • Shoulder WorkoutA week of Weight Training
    I know what you are thinking when someone says “heavy weight training.”  The loud grunts and groans coming from the testosterone driven men as the try and lift a PR (personal record). […]
  • Treadmill Tabata workoutTreadmill, it isn’t just for the casual runner
    Another day, another time to sweat!  I have a quick 25 min treadmill workout that is waiting to push and challenge you physically and mentally. Running on the treadmill can feel like you are running […]
  • Mom! What’s for dinner??
    I can cook it, but don’t ask me to photograph it. I know there are many that are a jack of all trades.  I like to believe that I can do anything.  I mean, I don’t doubt that I could if I […]
  • Nutrition 101 or 102 or 103…Where do I start?
    All of us fitness coaches, trainers and athletes know that nutrition is key and we will continue to tell clients that.  Do I tell my clients this? Sure do! However, it is easy to say nutrition is key […]
  • Whoever said exercise could be fun wasn’t lying.
    There it is.  That moment you first enter the gym after having never set foot in one. Or you are going on your ten-year reunion of no gym and the panic sets in.  Your mind starts telling you how […]